Coursework Help: The Best Sources For Writing

When writing a coursework assignment, you will be expected to use sources of information to prove or disprove a certain point. Not all students know what sources of information can be used in academic writing, so Coursework Help decided to share some knowledge on this issue.

Coursework Help Provides Information About Informative Sources For Coursework Writing

According to Coursework Help, if you want to produce a great coursework, you should use only reliable and recent literature in your paper. If you will cite some sources that are 20-30 years old, you are not likely to get a good grade, because they are out of date. Besides that, if you will provide some shady unnamed article from internet, you might also have difficulty getting good mark because tutors will not consider this article to be worth the significance of the coursework.

Some More Useful Information From Coursework Help On Information Sources For Coursework Writing

Coursework Help suggests using credible, recent and trustworthy sources of information when writing coursework. What do we mean by that? We mean going to library and looking up all relevant information regarding your topic. Once you have found it, you should sift through the sources and leave only recent ones (3-5, but not more than 10 years old). Make sure that they are trustworthy (their writers are well known). Also, make sure that they are printed sources like books, scientific journal articles, newspaper articles and the like. Of course, no one is forbidding you to use internet sources when writing coursework, but use them only if you know the name of the writer of a particular article and be sure to use only 1 or 2 internet sources in your paper, or it will lose credibility.