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Take a particularly difficult mystery from the pages of history, for example. Greek fire is a heretofore-unknown compound that probably won’t show up on regular chemistry coursework rate of reaction sheets. However, it is interesting to take a look at it when considering a free form a level chemistry coursework question. It was a flammable fluid used on a large scale by the Byzantine Navy. This substance was able to light wooden vessels on fire. However, since the exact compound isn’t known, that means that as chemistry coursework can only be used to speculate on what was in it.

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Interesting topics can fascinate even an instructor. When asking for chemistry coursework help with this issue, one might want to consider what it is exactly that could have been in the Greek fire mixture. Some a2 chemistry coursework sheets will state that sulfur or quicklime was part of the compound. Others say it was a saltpeter mixture. This is particularly interesting considering the fact that it’s so close to gunpowder if that were true. When filling out a level chemistry coursework, students are free to speculate. This is why chemistry coursework help is so useful for those who have to accurately write a personal reply to free form a2 chemistry coursework questions.

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